In order to successfully organise the festival, the Durgotsav Committee requests for your invaluable support in any/all of the following ways.
Monetary Donation: Any monetary contributions is used towards the arrangement of the 5-day long festivities including the expenses for the puja and the Prasad.
Donations in the form of fresh flowers, fruits and sweets: A very integral part of our puja is to offer the Goddess with the best of what we can get. We have only listed the items we could think of. All other puja offerings are always welcome.
Sponsoring the Prasad (full/partial) for any day of Puja: Any support is highly appreciated.
Undoubtedly, this event creates a hugely rewarding opportunity for advertisement of your prestigious brand in the field of promoting such a community event.
We would like to thank all our sponsors for their continued support and co-operation . 

       Our Sponsors:

Funded by BEMIS Scotland via the '2017 Year of History Heritage and Archaeology'. This is a partnership between BEMIS Scotland and the Scottish Government to facilitate diverse, multicultural celebrations.