1. Morbi nunc odi
    Yuva Dibash
    SATURDAY: MAR 23, 2019
    A conversation on relevance of Swami Vivekananda's message for the present day. Speaker : Swami Sarvasthananda
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    Edinburgh Saraswati Puja
    SATURDAY: FEB 16, 2019
    It is the time of spring when this puja (worship ritual) is performed to pray to the goddess of art and knowledge, while ushering in the season of new blooms.
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    Poila Baishakh & Rabindra, Nazrul Sandhya
    SATURDAY: APR 27, 2019
    Poila Baishakh or Bangla Nabobarsho is the first day of Bengali Calendar. It is celebrated as bengali new year celebration. Rabindra Jayanti is celebrated in the remembrance of Rabindranath Tagore's birthday anniversary.
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    Summer Barbeque Party
    SUNDAY: JUL 28, 2019
    All members of SABASH get together, party do Barbeque(BBQ) and enjoy the summer of Edinburgh.
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    Edinburgh Durgotsav
    THURSDAY to MONDAY: OCT 3-7, 2019
    The only Durga puja of Edinburgh, to take you back to the roots admist dhak beats and air filled with the increase aroma, celebration & galore. Durga Puja festival is also the largest festival of Bengalies.
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    Lakshmi Puja
    SATURDAY: OCT 12, 2019
    Goddess Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth, to welcome the Goddess, devotes decorate their house with finery and lights, and prepare sweet treats and delicacies as offerings. Goddess blesses everyone with health and wealth.
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    Bijaya Sammelani
    SATURDAY: NOV 2, 2019
    After Durga puja begins the auspicious period of ‘Bijoya’, with people hugging each other and distributing sweets. We Bengalies in Edinburgh exchange ‘Shubho Bijoya’ greetings and also have a splendid cultural evening and dinner.